Fifteenth edition - 2021


“Sustainability and Coorporate governance”

Jury Members


  • D. Manuel Ausaverri Ferrer, Director of Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability, INDRA


  • Ms. Isabela del Alcázar Benjumea, Global Head of Sustainability, IE University.
  • Ms. María del Rosario Alonso Ibáñez. Professor of Administrative Law, University of Oviedo.
  • Mr. Jorge Álvarez González. Partner, Ontier.
  • Ms. Soledad Atienza Becerril. Dean, IE Law School.
  • Mr. José Antonio Cainzos Fernández. State Attorney on leave of absence, President, International Arbitration Center of Madrid (CIAM).
  • Ms.Ana Belén Campuzano. Professor of Commercial Law, Universidad San Pablo CEU.
  • Ms. Pilar Cancer Minchot. State Attorney before the Supreme Court.
  • Mr. Pablo Enrile Mora-Figueroa, Partner, Ontier.
  • Mr. Roberto Fernández Castilla. State Attorney – Head of the State Secretariat of Energy.
  • Ms. María del Pilar Galeote Muñoz. Director of the José María Cervelló Chair, IE Law School.
  • Ms. Fabiola Gallego Caballero. General Secretary and General Director of Legal Counsel. Deputy Secretary
    of the Board, INDRA.
  • Mr. Adolfo Menéndez Menéndez. State Attorney on leave of absence, Ontier lawyer and co-holder of the José María Cervelló Chair.
  • Ms. Esther Muñiz Espada. Professor of Civil Law, University of Valladolid.
  • Mr. Pedro Rodero Rodriguez. Partner-Director, Ontier.
  • Mr. Fernando Riaño Riaño. Director of Institutional Relations and Social Responsibility of the Social Group, ONCE.


  • Mr Carlos de la Pedraja García-Cosio. Vicedecano y General Manager, IE Law School.