15 edition

15th Edition

JMC award | 15th year Fifteenth edition - 2021 Subject “Sustainability and Coorporate governance” Jury Members President: D. Manuel Ausaverri Ferrer, Director of Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability, INDRA Members: Ms. Isabela del Alcázar Benjumea, Global Head of Sustainability, IE University. Ms. María del Rosario Alonso Ibáñez. Professor of Administrative Law, University of Oviedo. Mr. Jorge… Details

10th edition

Premio JMC | 10th Edition Thenth Edition - 2016 Subject of the essay “Business Compliance: principles, prevention of corruption and competitive efficiency, with special attention to the open market between Europe and the USA” Jury Members President: D. Eduardo Torres-Dulce Lifante. Fiscal en excedencia, Ex Fiscal General del Estado y Abogado en Garrigues. Members: D. Jose… Details
9th edition award

9th edition

JMC award | 9th year Ninth edition - 2020 Subject “Sport and state aid. Especially in the case of soccer clubs” Jury Members President: D. Santiago Martinez Lage. Socio Director. Martínez Lage, Allendesalazar & Brokelmann Abogados. Members: D. Adolfo Menéndez Menéndez. Abogado, socio despacho Uría & Menéndez. Abogado del Estado en excedencia. Cotitular de la… Details
8th edition

8th edition

Premio JMC | 8ª year Eighth Edition - 2014 Tema del trabajo “Impact of the new Entrepreneurs Act. Critical analysis in the international sphere” Jury Members President: María Benjumea. Presidenta de SPAIN STRARTUP. Members: Jose Antonio Cainzos. Abogado del Estado excedente, Socio del despacho Clifford Chance. Javier de Cendra de Larragan. Decano IE Law School. María… Details
7th edition

7th edition

Premio JMC | 7th Year Seventh edition - 2013 Subject of the essay “Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method in the field of international civil and mercantile contracts” (excluding family mediation). Jury Members President José Pascual Ortuño. Magistrado de la Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona y Vicepresidente europeo de GEMME. Members: Jose Antonio Cainzos. Abogado del… Details